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Marie Claire and Blow The Whistle

This year, Marie Claire decided to publish their Naked Issue in aid of one of the Legacy Lifestyle charities, Blow the Whistle. The Issue, sponsored by 1st For Women Insurance, features 35 local celeb...

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Suspended in the Africa Sky

There is a bush lodge right here in South Africa that offers you that unique reprieve you have always dreamt of. A place where the sunsets are deafening, the bush is electric and where you can switch ...

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Paradise Found

Situated at latitude 4.6167° S and longitude 55.4500° E in the Indian Ocean is the Republic of Seychelles, Africa’s smallest country in terms of both size and population...

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Pants’ Brand Partner of the week – Warwick Wine Estate

Warwick Wine Estate is a quality driven winery that is extremely passionate about service excellence...

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Taking on the ocean

There is nothing quite like the feeling of pure adrenaline surging through your veins. A mixture of fear, excitement and determination rushing through your being as you sail the world. All over nine m...

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Treasure or terror?

Sharks are quite possibly one of the world’s most feared animals. From the smallest sand shark to the gargantuan whale shark, they are sleek, muscular and can be as agile as a dolphin. ...

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